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This is Why Our Anonymity is a Thing of the Past

Everywhere you walk you’re subjected to an array of cameras monitoring your every movement; and little by little, taking your anonymity away with it.

“Who are you?  Who who, who who…. I really want to know,”

– The Who

ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, we’re going to discuss the topic of anonymity, and how the current society’s transformation from one of a free public to a totalitarian society is completely dependent on recognizing and knowing you.  Everywhere you walk you’re subjected to an array of CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) cameras.  When you’re in the convenience store, the shopping mall, in a restaurant…all of these cameras are continually capturing your photographs.  No big deal, right?  I mean, you’re a twitter and tweet social butterfly with e-mails, texts, and Facebook posts…what could be the harm in that, you may ask?

Except for the fact that they built a gigantic, $50 billion data collection center for the NSA in Ogden, Utah, larger than 10 football fields.

Where do you think these photos are going?  All of those e-mails, phone calls, text messages?  There was a movie in the late 1990’s entitled Enemy of the State,” starring Wil Smith and Gene Hackman about the surveillance state that was in its infancy back then.  Fast forward to the latest movie with Matt Damon on the Jason Bourne collection series.  Go and see it.  Really.  They can do all of the things shown in the movie: use remote cameras outside of your window to photograph you while using your cell phone and computer to pinpoint you.

Back in 2014 before the ouster of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, there were several anti-government protests outside of the parliamentary building in Kiev.  The cell phone numbers of every individual protesting in the public square were recorded and kept by the government.  Guess what?  That is in Ukraine, not the United States.

An article a few years back entitled Low-tech Solutions to High-Tech Tyranny,” by Brandon Smith gave some guidelines and suggestions on how to defeat IR and cameras.  Remember: those who wear masks for a purpose of disguising themselves (and it’s not Halloween or some carnival ball) are violating federal law.  But there are other things that you can do not to make yourself the visible targets for the data collection of the United States government.

Wear baseball caps and sunglasses.  Break up the outline of your face, your ears, and noticeable facial “quirks” and characteristics peculiar to you.  Do not allow so much of your body to be exposed for photos.  Those who have a lot of tattoos or ones that are in very visible areas would do best to cover them with clothing or with some kind of creams that block their images.  Avoid spending large amounts of time directly underneath the little camera-domes, camera lenses, and recording devices. Also, remember the 6 laws of survival.

Remember: they are even mounting cameras in state and national forests.  Why do you think they are doing this?  For your good or for theirs?  No matter how innocuous it may seem, it has a hidden agenda attached to it.  When the time comes for them to close the nets, you will not escape unless you have a plan.  They will realize their goal, and they are realizing it, with the deployment of cameras, drones, and the use of satellites.  They will realize their goals of tracking your every move with your tracking device…your cellular telephone…that transmits its position every 4 seconds…and your location along with it.

Their goal: the complete audio and video surveillance of every person in the United States. 

An estimate is that worldwide, more than 250 million surveillance cameras have been employed.  All of them have the equivalent of “fusion centers” in their respective countries…all of the countries have data sharing functions.  Advancements by corporations such as Microsoft and Apple have enabled even advertising billboards to use facial recognition programs (just as in the pop-culture movie “Minority Report”) to target consumers and store their images in a database.  A database that can be back-doored and utilized by any government agency with a piece of paper and a lame excuse to do so.

Want some more info on this?  Read Opinion: Facial recognition will soon end your anonymity,” by Tarun Wadhwa, published 6/4/16 that outlines many of the corporations and government entities collaborating on such projects.  We are going to have to monitor what they are doing and come up with new and elaborate ways to interact with society while not being herded into the collective net of information collection.  This will take some time and efforts, and is beyond the scope of this article to address.  We welcome your thoughts and comments on this matter and anything you may have learned to help offset such actions.  Keep fighting that good fight!  JJ out!


This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on August 19th, 2016

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