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Wildfire Preparedness Checklist

With the massive droughts plaguing our country, it’s not just the west coast that needs to prepare for this natural disaster. Use this checklist as a way to prepare your home.

The House 

Build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan
Fire-resistant roof i.e. metal, tile, composition
Non-flammable siding materials
Home is located down-slope
Wooden deck facing or overhanging level ground
Large glass windows, facing level ground
Deck, porch, vents or house screened to keep sparks out
Chimney extending above the roofline
Chimney spark arrester in place
Roof and gutters clean of debris

Around the House

A fire defensible space (D-space) zone of 30 – 100 ft
Adequate clearance of weeds, tall grasses and brush
Leaves raked
Trees pruned 10 ft up from base of trunk
Debris cleared from beneath trees and near structures
Tree limbs pruned at least 10 ft from roof or within 15 ft laterally from chimney
House location or address clearly marked (3 inch letters)
Firewood and other burnable items stored at lease 30 ft from the house
Small amounts of mulch used near wooden structures


Easy access to home by emergency vehicles
Road grade less than 15 % (not steep)
Road wide and accommodating to two-way traffic
Road straight with wide turns
Large areas for vehicles to turn around
Short driveway from main road
Multiple roads into and out of developed area for
safe and easy access and evacuation
Home area level and easily plowed or raked for fire line

Water Supply

Pressurized hydrants available
Non-pressurized or dry hydrants available
Water sources such as ponds or streams accessible
Power lines buried and not susceptible to fire
Well pumps maintained with uninterrupted electricity


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This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on June 10th, 2013