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Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage – Rich in Vitamin C and Beneficial Phytochemicals


Cabbage with a pedigree!

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage might just be the best tasting cabbage there is! Its distinctly sweet flavor is ideal for eating raw in salads and slaws. But don’t let that stop you from boiling, stewing, or pickling it if that’s how you love to prepare your cabbage.

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage is rich in Vitamin C as well as beneficial phytochemicals, which may help to prevent certain cancers.

Weight: 2 grams
Count: Approximately 250 seeds



Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage is very hardy and doesn’t mind cooler weather one bit! If you want to start early, plant your cabbage indoors about six to eight weeks before the last Spring frost. After four weeks, transplant outdoors to take advantage of the crisp, cool nights. Conical, solid heads produce a tightly wrapped small core that is firm when mature. Harvest when heads are between four and five inches in diameter. Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage holds well in the garden for up to three weeks after reaching maturity.