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Pinto Beans – Loaded With Protein And Fiber


These pinto beans are truly a masterpiece!

The word “pinto” means painted in Spanish. Pinto Beans are so named because their outer skin is a spotted, swirling, red-dotted masterpiece of color! Inside our delicious Pinto Beans, you’ll find a rich, creamy texture that is maintained whether beans are canned or dried and reconstituted later. You can use Pinto Beans as an all-purpose ingredient in soups, stews, burritos, and other Latin American dishes.

Virtually fat-free and totally loaded with protein and fiber, Pinto Beans are a terrific side dish or perfect as a complete meal!

Weight: 29 grams
Count: Approximately 75 seeds



Pinto beans are a warm-season plant that should be sown after all danger of frost has passed. These beans are drought tolerant and can even grow in dry, arid climates. Use loose, well-draining soil along with lots of mature compost. Sow your Pintos about an inch deep facing the eye of the bean downward. Water sparingly and make sure your beans receive full sun for at least six hours a day so they grow big and strong! Pintos usually take around 90 days to mature into a dry bean. You can also harvest sooner and the eat tasty green snap beans fresh off the vine. Harvest by pulling each bean away from the vine or simply snapping off the entire end.