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Hales Best Cantaloupe – Excellent Source of vitamins A, C, and B‐complex


This right here is the real juicy fruit!

Just ask any seasoned gardener and they’ll tell you, Hales Best Cantaloupe produces the sweetest, most fragrant and juiciest melons you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting. These award-winning cantaloupes average between three and five pounds each when fully ripened — now that’s a seriously jumbo cantaloupe melon! Inside, Hales Best Cantaloupe grows a very small seed cavity. You know what that means? There’s even more of that creamy-textured, succulent and oh-so-fruity cantaloupe goodness to eat!

Hales Best Cantaloupe provides an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and the B‐complex vitamins.

Weight: 2 grams
Count: Approximately 75 seeds



Plant Hales Best Cantaloupe when the outdoor temperature is 70 degrees or warmer. Make a small hill (a.k.a., a raised row) using soil that is rich with compost. Sow seeds about one inch deep and plant in rows spaced about three feet apart. Water between one and two inches every morning. Once melons form on the vine, only water when the soil is dry or leaves appear slightly wilted. Hales Best Cantaloupe takes around 90 days to reach maturity. Fully ripened fruits measure from five to seven inches across. You’ll know your Hales Best Cantaloupe is at its sweetest when its aroma becomes intoxicatingly fragrant, the tendril closest to the fruit shrivels up and the melon easily separates from the vine after you gently roll it in your hand.