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Hard Red Spring Wheat – Boost Dietary Fiber, Protein, and Iron


10′ by 10′ plot makes up to 25 bread loaves!

Hard Red Spring Wheat is a wonderfully beneficial grain, so it’s no surprise that it’s been part of our diet for thousands of years! This fine grain is most commonly used in whole grain wheat flour because of its excellent milling and baking qualities. The delicious benefits of Hard Red Spring Wheat don’t stop there. The plump, red wheat berries can be cooked as a whole grain cereal, juiced, sprouted or tossed onto fresh salads for a boost of high-protein goodness. You’ll delight in its robust, full flavor!

Hard Red Spring Wheat is loaded with dietary fiber, protein, and iron. It’s high in copper, potassium, and zinc, too.

Weight: 12 grams
Count: Approximately 350 seeds



Hard Red Spring Wheat is easy to plant! The earlier in the Spring that you plant it the better (planting too late in the season will decrease your yields). Make sure your soil forms an adequate seedbed. Spread the seed by hand or with a handy crank-seeder. Use a rake to lightly work the seed into the top two inches of the ground. Control weeds and keep the soil moist with a two-inch layer of loose straw mulch. Hard Red Spring Wheat ripens in mid to late summer.