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Rye – Loaded with Fiber, Carbs and Nutrients


The fruitiest grain of them all!

Rye is the main bread cereal in most of Eastern Europe, with the flour producing dense, dark, flavorful bread. The almost fruity flavor is perfectly suited for holiday quick breads and breakfast scones. The sprouts are sweet and crunchy while Rye flakes can be added to raw granola and muesli for extra fiber. Rye can also be mixed with wheat flour to add depth and texture.

Low in cholesterol and saturated fat, Rye is a hardy grain that stores well. It’s extremely filling, too!

Weight: 10 grams
Count: Approximately 325 seeds



Rye is one of the simplest crops to grow in your garden. It’s best to plant Rye in late August through early March. Broadcast seeds onto the soil surface by hand or use a handy crank-seeder, then lightly till to cover with ¼ – ½ inches of soil. Rye has strong, thick roots, and will flourish in cool temperatures.