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20 Innovative Uses for Mint Tins

Mint tins are the perfect pocket-sized container. If you have some laying around, why not find some ways to upcycle and reuse them? Here are 20 creative and innovative ways to repurpose mint tins.

Mint tins come in a rectangular or circular container and are the perfect pocket-sized storable container to have around, and if you are an Altoid fan, you may have a lot of these sitting around. Rather than throwing those tins away, why not find some ways to upcycle and reuse them.

We recently wrote an article on how to make a quick emergency candle using a mint tin and wanted to expand more on the uses of these pocket-sized containers as they would be perfect for bug-out bag storage or for around the home.

Mint tins are especially handy if you have something pointy, sharp, and small you need to carry around.  Things like fishing hooks, razor blades, and needles are great to put in metal tins because they won’t poke through and stab you.

Here are 20 ways you can reuse a mint tin:

  1. Fishing kit – add some fishing line, a sinker or tow, and a few hooks and you have a compact fishing kit small enough to toss in a bug out bag or vehicle survival kit.
  2. Survival kitClick here to watch a video showing how to make a survival kit out of an old Altoid tin!
  3. First aid kit – a few bandaids, some antiseptic wipes, and few aspirins are just a few suggestions for things that can go into a tin first aid kit.
  4. Jumpdrive holder – you can put your jumpdrives in a tin and toss the tin in a junk drawer to keep them all together and organized.
  5. Make a flashlight – That’s right! You can make a flashlight using a mint tin. Check it out by clicking here!
  6. Solar power charger – Harness the power of the sun and charge your cellular phone. Here’s a DIY video you can make!
  7. Firestarter Holder – For a fire on the go, stow away a cigarette lighter, matches, magnesium fire starter, and some small tinder. You could also put Vaseline soaked cotton balls, which make great firestarter, in a tin.
  8. Sewing kit – you can use a sewing kit for on-the-go or use, like tossing it in your purse, or you can put it in a bug out bag. It can also be used to store extra buttons.
  9. Mini-game kit – Stow away a pack of cards, dice, or some small blank pieces of paper for kids to draw on. A few worn down crayons may also fit well.
  10. Mini art kit– This can help keep kids preoccupied. Add a small tin full of pieces of paper, sticks, miniature markers, or crayons. Here is a fun idea: click this link to learn how to make a travel pallet of watercolors.
  11. Prayer Tin – Add some squares of paper and a small pencil and write down a prayer or wish and add it back to tin to reflect on later. If you meditate, you can write a word such as “gratitude” on a piece of paper and take it with you.
  12. Pillbox– Store your daily medication in the tin for a quick grab and go. You could also put a week’s worth of medication in a tin and easily toss this in a bug out bag or vehicle survival kit. This way, you know you have your medication if you have to bug out or need to get into your vehicle kit.
  13. DIY Mint Tin Camping Stove – get the details here: https://makezine.com/projects/mint-tin-multi-fuel-backpacking-stove/
  14. Teabag Holder – carry your favorite tea blends with you while you are away from home.
  15. Aromatherapy travel kit – Get all the details by clicking on this expertly written article.
  16. Homemade salves or balms – if you make your own lotion, salves, or balms (I do!) these tins can be awesome little things to store those in!  Here are some of our favorite salve for sore muscles: DIY Warming Muscle Salve to Soothe Sore Muscles. You can also make some bug repellent! DIY: Repel Bugs Naturally with this Homemade Bug Balm
  17. Survival seed kit – Use an empty tea bag and fill it with your favorite heirloom seed varieties and stow it in your bug out bag. You can start over and grow food anywhere!
  18. Seasoning kit – Add your favorite seasonings to a mini plastic bag to have on hand when you need it the most. This can be a great homemade gift, useful for campers, or can be, once again, tossed into a bug out bag.
  19. Personal needs storage – Use a mint tin to store feminine needs, shaving supplies, or dental care
  20. Razorblade holder –  we actually have razor blades in a tin in our junk drawer.  This prevents cuts if the blades lost their covers, especially if you have kids who reach in the drawer for batteries for their Thomas the Tank Engine toy.

We hope this article finds you healthy and happy! We also hope this will give everyone a few ideas on how to reuse these tins and reduce our waste. We can all do our part to save money and the Earth by finding new ways to reuse what we were going to just toss in the garbage.


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This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on April 23rd, 2020