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5 Common Sports Items You Can Use to Protect Yourself in an Emergency

This article is for those who can’t afford the brand name tactical gear or are looking for frugal and inexpensive ways to add protective gear to their reserves.

OK, I’m going to start this off with almost a “disclaimer,” of sorts.  Please do not think that I do not buy gear of top quality; however, I’m skeptical about much of the equipment out there on the market.  Just because something has a brand name attached to it doesn’t mean that it is quality.  Much of the stuff that is “garbage” and is passed off as being “quality” is manufactured on the cheap in China and other countries that are not trying to produce something that will last a long time.

That being mentioned, the article is specifically for people who don’t have $80 to “dump” into Oakley Tactical shooting gloves, or Tactical Military knee pads at $70 to $80 per pair.  And more.  While there are some great places to find quality tactical gear, this article can give you some ideas on how to build up a supply of reserves (or daily, whichever you prefer, with your “good” gear in reserve) for when times are tough.

You can find some good deals for used sporting equipment by simply doing a search on the internet. Ebay, Amazon are some big names that have used sporting equipment, but there are other websites that specialize in used sports gear. So, check it out in your free time. That said, let’s jump into it!

5 Types of Sports Equipment That Can Be Modified Into Protective Gear

Gloves: One of the things the Oakley’s have that attracts a lot of people are those hardened plastic “knuckles” on the outside.  That’s fine.  I personally feel that if you have the glove that covers the knuckle, you don’t need an “artificial” one: if you’re going to strike a blow, you’re not going to hit the individual on top of his helmet.  You’re going to pick a “soft” spot such as his jaw, his temple, his throat, etc.  There are some substitutes.  Weightlifting gloves, and motorcycle-riding gloves.  The tips of the fingers are removed, yet they’re padded on the palms.  Pick up the ones made of thick leather and maybe a Velcro strap to close around the wrist.  This will protect your palms, give your knuckles a shield, and still enable you to use your fingertips where gloves may (and often do) interfere.

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Football and Rugby Shorts: These are great, made of nylon (Spandex-type) or polyester, stitched to take some punishment with padding on the hips and on the thighs usually sewn into the material.  When you’re lying in the prone, this is a great help.  Enables you to cushion those areas.  Helps to minimize bumps and bruises, as well.  Drawback: they don’t have “slots” to allow you to urinate easily.  Either make your own and emplace “button snaps” on them, or you’ll have to pull down on the waistband if you’re a guy.  If you’re a gal, well, it’s not a major concern.

Knee and Elbow Pads: As mentioned before, there is no need to go out and spend all that money on those pads.  There are plenty of rollerblading and skateboarding knee and elbow pads for half those prices that are just as durable, if not more so.  You should shop around to find the best deal and the best quality pieces.  Try to stick to earth tones or black in terms of color.  Used sporting goods all over the place will be able to get you a complete set of both for about $20 in total, and they work.

Wrist Guards: Now, on this one I’m partial…I like the ones that give you support and are made out of leather.  You may have to have these custom-ordered.  Reason for them?  Leather will protect the wrists from being slashed, either by a sharp edge or by a knife.  These, too, can be made for you at a leather-works shop.  Buckled ones are best.  If you’re not going to go with leather, then you can pick these up inexpensively for under $10 at Wal-Mart in the sporting goods section.

Shin Guards: The ones made for soccer players are the best.  Excellent to strap on the outside of your pants over your calves and tuck into your boots.  Protects you going through clear-cut, swamps, and other places that the shins are likely to take a beating.  Not hard to find and not expensive at all.

Not mentioned is the everyday baseball bat. I covered this in a different article on how this can be used in a self-defense manner and add any attention to yourself for having it in the vehicle.

We have covered a few things to give you some ideas.  Many of these pieces that are normally used in sporting events are designed specifically to take a beating, which is what you need for equipment in the first place.  It stands to reason that if you can save a few dollars and still get what you needed in the equipment?  More power to you.  Adapt and be versatile, and you’ll come to find the best deals often don’t just involve an outlay of cash but some scrutiny to see whether something more affordable will foot the bill.  JJ out!

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on April 4th, 2018