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6 Deals To Look For in February To Bulk Up Your Preparedness Supplies

With winter winding down in most places, retailers will be looking to unload inventories of cold-weather products. This will help provide us all with an opportunity to boost our prepping supplies and gear or just be ready for next winter!

With winter winding down in most places, retailers will be looking to unload inventories of cold-weather products. This will help provide us all with an opportunity to boost our prepping supplies and gear or just be ready for next winter!

As we transcend into February, historically, we’ve seen deals across an assortment of retailers, including Best Buy, Lowe’s, Mattress Firm, Overstock, Serta, and more. So when should you expect it? Besides Valentine’s Day, there is another holiday that provides a ripe opportunity to take advantage of some deals. Presidents Day falls on February 15th, and if this year is like previous ones, expect retailers to host holiday weekend sales. They’ll likely focus on home goods, such as bedding, furniture, mattresses, and small kitchen appliances. This would be a great opportunity to find some of those gadgets that are hand-operated to stash away if the SHTF and we lose power for an extended period of time. I think I have 10 or 11 brand new can openers on my shelf in my prepper pantry, just in case. Plus, they are great to barter with! A hand coffee grinder or spice grinder could be useful too, especially if you grow and dry your own herbs or love a daily cup (of more) of coffee.

Look for sales on apparel and winter sports gear. This is a perfect time to invest in heavy winter clothing, wool socks, weather-proof gloves, etc. If you need new snow shoes, they could be picked over, but you should be able to get a good deal if you find some! Watch for sales on things like beehives, supers, or hive tools. Once spring hits and the bees begin to buzz, you will be paying full price again if you can even find the things you need.

As well, flu season is in full effect and many stores will have flu supplies on sale like humidifiers. The dry, winter hair can wreak havoc on our skin, which is why a humidifier can be a total lifesaver as we get deep into winter. In winter, when relative humidity falls in heated indoor spaces, the dry air increases respiratory problems. Low humidity can affect the eyes, skin, nose, and mouth as well. This is why air-conditioning systems are used in hospital wards to control both air temperature and humidity.

Vegetable Garden KitAlso, if you haven’t gotten your seeds started, it’s time to start because gardening season is right around the corner. Expect to see garden supplies going on sale to entice customers to start prepping for warmer weather and to get outdoors.

4 Reasons To Choose Heirloom Seeds For Your Garden

Gardening is a quarantine hobby we saw explode last year that will likely pick up again this year. So it’s best to get the equipment you need before it’s hard to find. As soon as I see the seeds show up in hardware and lumber stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s I grab several packets of whatever they have in heirloom organic seeds. Often people take the tomatoes first but tend to avoid heirloom seeds, so you should be able to snag a few.  You probably won’t get the best deal, but again, on items like this that threaten to sell out, you should just get what you can while it is available.

I also get a whole bunch of bulbs that do well in my agricultural zone to help my honey bees thrive. Wal-Mart had a great deal just last weekend and I was able to grab tulips, peonies, and Asiatic lilies. I was able to grab a bag of 12 tulip bulbs for $5. All of these will come up year after year here, and won’t need to be replanted giving the bees enough pollen to get their honey supply going! Plus, these have the added benefit of giving your property a beautiful floral effect. Hollyhocks are also a great option for those living in a colder winter climate with bees.

Toward the end of February, our local Tractor Supply, Bomgaars, and hardware stores will begin putting out their spring plants, often bare root rose bushes or lilacs. But when I notice this happen, I keep my eyes peeled and stalk the stores waiting for fruit trees to plant! I never wait for sales, because our stores have a limited supply. I get what I can as soon as they are available, usually sometime in March. But if you know your area’s store cycles, you will be able to have the first pick once the plants come in! I also start grabbing bags of manure once they put them outside the store to lay down in our garden. We do rotate crops, but if we can help those plants thrive, we like to do so. Last year, a bag of compost manure mix was only $2.99 so we stocked up and have a few bags left. I am expecting the prices to be higher this year, but I will also likely buy twice as much so we have it for next year. We also have a lot of compost ready to use this year, so if you are in a similar situation, stock up and store it to prepare, just in case!

If you see any canning supplies, stock up now too! Canning lids and bands have been hit and miss for many. Personally, I prefer wide-mouth jars when I can (I’m a mess, and this helps minimize my clumsiness). So if I see any that are of a decent size, pint-size or larger, and wide mouth, I grab them.  There is often a limit of 2 on canning supplies, but check several retailers if you are experiencing this. Often you can find some lids up high in the dollar stores, or a random box of canning jars just sitting on a shelf. I’ve gotten several canning items this way, on complete accident and for a great price!

What do you all look for this time of year, either for your preparedness supplies or your homestead?

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on February 4th, 2022