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Check Out July’s Hottest Deals on Survival and Preparedness Gear

Keeping track of which month has the best savings is the best approach to finding items at the lowest cost so you can get more bang out of your buck – and July is full of savings!

The peak of the summer season comes with savings for everyone to enjoy. This summer, we have been sharing monthly deals to look out for in order to save money. Keeping track of which month has the best savings is the best approach to finding items at the lowest cost so you can get more bang out of your buck.

10 Ways This Month is Packed Full of Savings!

There are some great deals and we wanted to share some of the best deals out there.

  1. Fresh produce will see some great deals this month. We mentioned this one last month too. In June’s Prepper Savings article, we suggested that you concentrate on purchasing foods that you will use throughout the year. Foods like tomatoes, fresh fruits or berries for canning and preserves, foods that freeze well like peas, corn, carrots, and beans. For frugality’s sake, make every attempt to pay in cash to avoid adding more debt to your credit card. One thing I like to do is when fresh corn goes on sale for 4 for a dollar, I buy large quantities. When I get home, I put a big pot of water on to boil for the corn. When the corn is cooked, I slice off all the yummy kernels and freeze them to use throughout the year. Rather than spending $2 on a bag of frozen corn, I’ve spent $.25 instead. BOOM! Instant savings for the pocketbook. So, get out there and dehydrate, preserve, can, and freeze up all the great savings! Some of the produce that is in season this month are avocados, bell peppers, blueberries, cucumbers, corn, garlic, grapes, green beans, mangoes, nectarines, peaches, strawberries, summer squash, green leafy veggies, peas, citrus, pineapple, plums, red onion, tomatoes, watermelon, zucchini.
  2. Seeds and garden supplies have been at their peak in pricing, but all of that is about to start getting discounted. Garden centers will begin reducing their seed prices. This is a great way to stock up on seeds for next year or make your own seed bank. We are even giving a 10% off discount on our Homesteaders Garden Kit-in-a-Can. (Use discount code: sizzle)
  3. BBQ Foods like hamburger meat, hot dogs, ribs, and steaks will also have some lower prices, as well as, condiments that go with them like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, and pickles. Bottled condiments and sauces usually last up to 12 months unopened, so stock up! And meat can be dehydrated, canned, or frozen for later use.
  4. Ice Cream will be on sale all month. How lucky are we? And, July 21 happens to be National Ice Cream Day so use it as a day to celebrate and stock up on your favorite flavors.
  5. Back to school items will start being put on sale. Items like backpacks, markers, pens, notebooks, and thermoses could be great additions to the bug out bag or evacuation vehicle.
  6. Sports gear will likely be on clearance this month. Look around for knee pads, shin guards, wrist guards, and bats. These items can do double duty in a preparedness situation. Read more on how sports items can be used in an emergency. Many sports stores are trying to get rid of their winter gear so keep a lookout for winter gear on the clearance rack. In addition, quality glasses that provide UV protection may be on sale. Ready Nutrition writer, Jeremiah Johnson wrote an excellent article on why you should protect your eyes.
  7. Winter apparel will also see deep discounts so purchasing winter-related clothing like coats, gloves, hats, etc. will keep you prepped for the colder seasons.
  8. Tools that didn’t end up as a gift for dad last month will likely be on sale. Keeping essential tools in your preparedness supplies will help you operate in a non-technological environment. This list of tools is based on the preparedness manual, The Prepper’s Blueprint. Also, keep a lookout for deals at home supply stores. If you live in hurricane-prone areas, you could find great deals on wood to use for boarding up windows. One deal I found with home supply stores like Home Depot, prices ending in .06 — means it’s a clearance item and has six weeks until the price drops again. These are typically printed on a yellow price tag. As well, prices ending in .03 also have deals — If the item is still in stock after six weeks, the price will be lowered an additional 3 cents. It’s best to get the product then because, after three weeks, the item will be removed from the shelves. These are also typically printed on a yellow tag. Read more about the secret savings at Home Depot.
  9. All things red, white, and blue will be on sale. Patriotic items prices will be slashed shortly following Independence Day. so don’t miss out!
  10. Camping and outdoor equipment will be on sale since, at this point, we are halfway through summer. This is a great time to buy bikes and camping equipment. Buy now and you’ll get some enjoyment out of it before you have to pack it away for the winter. Note: if you don’t plan on camping immediately, you should wait until after Labor Day. This is when you’ll find the best sales.

Freebies and Deals in July

Be on the lookout for Black Friday or Christmas in July deals. Retailers often offer these discounts in an attempt to boost typically sluggish summer sales, and they can spell real savings for consumers. This year, Amazon is hosting its annual Prime Day on July 15 and 16, with limited-time deals on products across the site. Outdoor grills like this dual-fuel combination grill could be on sale. There are also deals and discounts to take advantage of this month on certain days. This article lists discount days like Free Slurpees at 7/11 on 7/11 or which stores will give out free french fries on National French Fry Day (July 13th).

Stocking up on foods and preparedness supplies when the prices are at their lowest is the best way to save all year long. What are some deals you are seeing right now?



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This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on June 29th, 2020